Collin Waden (2015) Commits to Roberts Wesleyan College

collinwaden_instaCollin Waden to attend Roberts Wesleyan

Perseverance and consistency have paid off for Rush Henrietta senior Collin Waden who will be attending Roberts Wesleyan on an academic-athletic scholarship in Fall 2015. When Waden was four-years-old, he began playing lacrosse, the sport he has grown to love, in a Rush-Henrietta youth program and he has continued to play for thirteen years.

Waden looks forward to attending Roberts Wesleyan College: “The campus is beautiful and a bunch of my friends are going there as well, so I’m excited.”  But it is the influence his FCA lacrosse coach, Rocky Delfino, has had on Waden that is a main part of his reason for choosing Roberts Wesleyan: “I love Rocky, I played for him for a couple of summers, and he coaches at Roberts.”

Waden believes his strength as a player is his ability to involve his teammates in the game. “I’m able to keep my head up and see all that’s going on around me and get everyone else involved in the game. I try not to hold the ball too much, but to help everyone else get goals.”  At the college-level, Waden is anticipating a game that is much faster and more physical. An area of his game he hopes to focus on for improvement is speed, so that he can become more confident in his dodging.

Waden, who played on FCA’s 2015 team last fall, participated in the fall tournaments where he established a great group of friends whom he describes as “easy to play with; everyone gets a long and there are no personality conflicts in this group.” In addition to the positive influence Delfino has had on his game, Waden also credits his FCA experience with helping him believe that God is always there to protect him: “I believe that God is watching over me now.”

Waden is grateful to his parents for providing him with a lot of recruitment opportunities. Beyond college lacrosse, he would like to coach in a youth program or at the high school level, where he will have the opportunity to share with them the philosophy he has maintained in his sport: “It won’t come as early as you want, but you’ll be able to play in college if you work hard enough, but you always have to try to improve. And, if someone criticizes you, you need to use that for motivation to get better.”

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