Nate Arnold to continue his lacrosse career with Richmond Spiders

ROCHESTER, NY, October 4, 2016 – The Fellowship of Christian Athletes announced today that Nate Arnold will play NCAA Division I lacrosse at Richmond University this fall. Arnold, a Palmyra-Macedon senior, began playing lacrosse at age seven with the Mavericks. He has played as a defenseman with FCA for the past four years.

“Playing Division I lacrosse is something I’ve dreamed about and had a passion to do for a long time. I see going to Richmond as a big opportunity, not just because the education is great, but the team itself is building and building, and coaches have told me that I am going to a program that will likely be competing for the Division I title in a few years,” Arnold said.

While Arnold is excited to head to Richmond, he knows it will be hard to beat the kind of relationships he has developed while playing for FCA. “FCA has been such a different experience. Not only have I had the chance to play top-level lacrosse with great players and coaches, but my teammates and I learned basic morals that have really helped develop a mutual respect where we are truthful with one another, consider others’ viewpoints and genuinely like each other.

“Playing at such a level where you have to throw yourself physically at another person, and always have the risk of getting hurt, yet knowing that the person behind you would do the same thing for you – there is a sacrificial element involved when you play at that level, knowing that if something goes wrong — or right — there are 24 other kids right there with you.

“The coaches helped to foster a lot of that. The first thing they did was help us really get to know each other – our likes and dislikes — which helped us to work as a fully functioning machine, rather than as individuals. It made us really strong as a group, and we always want to continue to improve ourselves for each other,” Arnold said.

Arnold credits Coach Mike Kelly with teaching him much about both lacrosse – and life – during his tenure with FCA. “I wouldn’t ask for a different coach in a thousand years — not only on the lacrosse field, but off. Coach Kelly taught me morals, and I have had no other coach that has cared about me like he has. He helped make me into a better man and showed me how to deal with my mistakes,” he said.

Nate’s father Jay Arnold has coached all four of his children in the game, including Nate during his FCA years. According to Arnold, the FCA experience has been unlike any other in respects to the level of relationships that he has seen develop over the years his son has played. “With FCA it is more than just lacrosse – there is more guidance and moral support. The coaches hold the kids to a higher standard that results in a more team-oriented approach to relationships. The Bible lessons that they bring into the huddle times inspire the kids, and provide a bridge into the game of lacrosse that helps to strengthen their relationships with their teammates and their coaches.”

Arnold is grateful for the lessons that his son learned from his coaches that have helped take him to the next level: “Nate’s confidence has really grown since he’s been with FCA. Sol Bliss and Mike Kelly gave him the confidence to believe that he could compete at the highest level.”

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