FCA’s 2017 attackman Evan Kelly will play lacrosse at LeMoyne College

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes announced today that Evan Kelly will be playing NCAA Division II lacrosse at LeMoyne College in Fall 2017.

Kelly, who plans to study business at LeMoyne has high hopes for his college years: “I am looking forward to college in general. I wanted to attend LeMoyne because Coach Sheehan has a reputation for being tough, and I’m hoping he’ll help me to grow and develop strength as a person, too.”

Kelly, who has also played lacrosse since grade 7, including attackman for Aquinas the past two years, describes FCA as being about more than just lacrosse. “FCA is more than just a lacrosse team – and I believe the chants we shouted out during our final tournament this year describe what we are – ‘brothers’ and ‘family.’”

A favorite FCA memory for Kelly revolves around the singing of the “I’m a Little Teapot” song that was instituted as a ritual by Coach Porter during his first year, undertaken in solo format whenever a player forgot a piece of equipment.

Kelly gives a shout out to his coaches – Coach Arnold and his father, Coach Kelly. “Coach Arnold always did a great job keeping me in line and playing interference, when necessary, between my Dad and me. And my dad has been more than just my coach – he’s my dad, and he has always pushed me and expected more from me, which is something that I know will help me in the future.”

He would also like to recognize Coach McNamara who was always there to help in any way, and Coach Bliss: “Coach Bliss was my coach before he was the program director. To me he’ll always be ‘my coach’ not just the guy in charge of it.”

Kelly dreams big — and he hopes that he can play a part in LeMoyne winning a national lacrosse championship while he is playing there.

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