Roberts Wesleyan recruits FCA’s Reid Jackowski

Last week, attackman / midfielder Reid Jackowski (LaFayette HS) announced his commitment to play at Roberts Wesleyan next year. We caught up with Reid and his family, we asked them a few questions regarding the FCA and him choosing Roberts. We also asked Reid if he had any advice for juniors and seniors during the recruiting process.

1. Why did you and your family choose to play for FCA?

Reid: We wanted a Christian environment to play in.

Parent: Our family has been very involved with FCA as huddle leaders and camp volunteers for years. Once FCA lacrosse came out with a team, it was a no brainer. It was something we wanted to be involved with for the Christian aspect. It was another Christian influence and it was top notch lacrosse.

2. What has the FCA meant to you?

Reid: FCA has created many opportunities for me. It has created opportunities to travel to different states and play top tier teams. I have met some of my best friends throughout my 7 years with FCA and feel I will keep in touch with them, as well as play with them throughout college.

Parent: As a parent, I have greatly appreciated the opportunity for my son to see other Christian men walking in their faith. While not perfect, as no one is, the foundation is there.

3. Who are your role models?

Reid: my role models would be my family. Each individual in my family has taught and raised me to become a strong Christian and a hard worker on and off the field. My sisters both played collegiate sports and excelled academically and athletically and have been great inspirations.

4. What do you enjoy most about playing for the FCA?

Reid: I enjoyed hanging out with the guys and the fun style of play we all had. Seeing the faces of opposing players while throwing behind the backs and one handed plays always gave me a smile.

Parent: I appreciate the huddles and having the huddle leaders share their faith and message.

5. Why did you choose Roberts?

Reid: I chose Roberts because I have been familiar with the coach, program, and school for a long time. My sister graduated from there and had an extremely successful career there and loved it. I was very excited that I was given the opportunity to play for coach Rock.

Parent: We felt Roberts would have an atmosphere where Reid would be safe, have a lot of opportunities, be in a Christian atmosphere and really enjoy his lacrosse experience. Roberts had his degree and a teacher/student ratio that would give Reid a lot of personal attention. Roberts has a lacrosse program that is gaining in strides and that Reid can feel an immediate part of.

Any words of advice for high school juniors / seniors going through the college process?

Reid: Don’t be afraid to reach out to coaches and let them know you’re interested in their school.

Parent: Let God be in control and be open minded. Our goal was to find a strong academic program, a safe, healthy atmosphere and a positive athletic experience (whatever level that may be) while prioritizing affordability. We tried hard not to get caught up in pride!! Academics are of most importance. We evaluated all 3 levels and did pros/cons lists for each. Don’t be in a huge rush. Prospect camps are overwhelming especially being a 3 sport athlete and playing club lacrosse. Only choose the one(s) you’re serious about. Pray, pray and pray for God’s direction.

Thank you to Reid and his family for answering these questions.

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