McGuire Craig

Stony Brook University recruits FCA’s McGuire Craig

A few months back, defenseman McGuire Craig (Irondequoit HS) announced his commitment to play at Stony Brook University next year. We caught up with McGuire and asked him a few questions regarding the FCA and him choosing Stony Brook University. We also asked McGuire if he had any advice for juniors and seniors during the recruiting process.

Find McGuire’s answers below:

1. Why did you and your family choose to play for FCA?

I chose to play FCA because I was at a point in my lacrosse career where I had to choose to either pursue a higher level of play or just finish my career as a normal high school player would. I had heard great things about FCA from many friends and coaches and I wanted to see if it was true. After my first tryout I knew this was the team I wanted to play for.

2. What has the FCA meant to you?

FCA has truly meant a lot to me. It has given me experiences and friends that I would not have found anywhere else.

3. Who are your role models?

A role model of mine is Coach Kelly. I can honestly say no lacrosse coach has impacted my game or take on life more than him. He was first my coach for the Upstate team in the Under Armour All American tournament and then was my FCA coach soon after. Having a Coach like him elevated my lacrosse skills and understanding higher than ever before. But his greatest impact on me was the lessons he taught me about life through his coaching. He taught me that nothing was given, I had to earn everything in life. I cannot truly put into words the impact that Coach Kelly, and many other FCA coaches, have had on my lacrosse play and life.

4. What do you enjoy most about playing for the FCA?

The thing that I enjoyed most about FCA was win or lose I always had fun. The mix of great coaches, parents, and players brought out my love for lacrosse everyday. I was able to look forward to going to tournaments, camps, practices and anything else with some of the greatest people I’ve met. Every year I get to face off against a lot of my friends during the school season and it always brings back the memories and fun that I had with those guys for all those years.

5. Why did you choose Stony Brook University?

I chose Stony Brook for many reasons. One reason is because my brother is on the football team there so I thought it would be pretty fun to go to the same college as my brother. Another reason is because I believe Stony Brook is a place where I can perform at their higher level as well as continue to improve my game. When I met their coaching staff I saw a lot of similarities between their coaches and my FCA coaches. And to me, this was a major reason for my commitment.

Any words of advice for high school juniors / seniors going through the college process?
My advice is to just enjoy every second of playing lacrosse with your friends and less about college coaches. Playing relaxed and in your element will draw attention from coaches anyway. Just enjoy the game and your team while you can.

Thank you to McGuire for answering these questions.

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