Conor Kelly

Nazareth College recruits FCA’s Conor Kelly

A few weeks ago, Conor Kelly (Aquinas – Defense) announced his commitment to play at Nazareth College next year. We caught up with Conor and asked him a few questions regarding the FCA and him choosing Nazareth. We also asked Conor if he had any advice for juniors and seniors during the recruiting process.

Here are Conor’s answers below:

Q. Why did you and your family choose to play for FCA?
A. I chose to play for FCA because of my three older brothers who played for FCA before me. I saw the close friendships they had made and how they had grown as people and I knew FCA would do the same for me

Q. What has the FCA meant to you?
A. FCA has been something I have looked forward to every summer since sixth grade. It has taught me more about my faith and family.

Q. Who are your role models?
A. My biggest influences in lacrosse have been: My varsity lacrosse coach from freshman year, Brian Sutton. Coach Sutton believed in me and taught me almost everything I know about lacrosse and my position. John Wellington, who convinced me to switch to play defense, as well as Sol Bliss, they both taught me so much about lacrosse and defense and helped me get to the level to be able to play college lacrosse. My three older brothers are also all role models and influences in my life and are always there to push me to do better and to always work hard.

Q. What do you enjoy most about playing for the FCA?
A. The thing I enjoyed most about playing with FCA was building friendships with kids from all around the north east and getting to spend my summers with great people every year.

Q. Why did you choose Nazareth College?
A. I chose Nazareth College because of its amazing reputation for its Physical Therapy program and because of its exceptional lacrosse program. Nazareth really is a great fit for me because I get to pursue my passion as well as continuing my love for lacrosse.

Bonus: Any words of advice for high school juniors / seniors going through the college process?

Some advice I have for younger players is to enjoy the journey, it may not be the same for you as it will be for other players. I started FCA on the Orange team for two or three years. I had a chance to try out for Navy and earned a spot where I played for the rest of my time with the FCA. Remember it is not where you start, it’s where you end up.

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