John Wellington

Assistant Coach – Northeast 2019
Assistant Coach – Rochester 2024


  • Roberts Wesleyan College ‘18
  • Sports Management Major
  • E.C.I.C. Honorable Mention All Star
  • Orchard Park High School
  • Varsity lacrosse
  • Varsity soccer

John Wellington has been involved with sports since the time he could walk. During his senior year at Orchard Park High School, John Wellington began playing defenseman with FCA’s Northeast Lacrosse program, and attended Lake Erie Showcase, SU Shootout, Stowe Showcase and the Albany Power Tournament.

“I joined FCA because I liked the mission to share the love of Christ while playing lacrosse. FCA has helped me grow as a Christian athlete, and is helping to make me a better all-around person as I learn from the stories of others and get to know and learn from people in all walks of life – what went well for them and what didn’t,” John said.

John has coached FCA lacrosse for four years, and he currently coaches the 2022 Orange team: “I love coaching I think I like it more than I like playing – it’s been a great way to meet so many people and help players grow their game. It’s also been an awesome experience to work with and learn from all of the good, quality people in the coaching ranks.”

While attending Orchard Park High School, Wellington was a standout soccer and lacrosse player. He now plays lacrosse in Roberts Wesleyan College’s Division II program where he is majoring in Sports Management.