Josh Bailey


Josh Bailey


  • Houghton College
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Williamson High School Graduate
  • Captain 2009, 2010
  • All Star Soccer, 2010

Josh Bailey has a desire to teach and impact students and athletes for the glory of God: “I want to use athletics as a tool to develop Christian morals and values in student-athletes.”

In Summer 2015 when Josh Bailey assumes his new role as FCA intern he will have the opportunity to do just that.

Bailey coached middle school soccer and basketball at camps for several years during his high school years, but when he was given the chance to combine faith with sports as a ministry leader at FCA’s 2014 summer lacrosse camp, he welcomed the opportunity. “The combination of the spiritual aspect and sports is important to me. We are meant to control our body, and self-control ties in with pleasing God. If you can teach God through sports, it sinks in deeper. FCA gives a lot of kids who don’t know about Christ the opportunity to learn about Him,” Bailey said.

Throughout his college years, Bailey served as a leader for Houghton College’s Highlander Wilderness Adventure, where participants are challenged physically, socially and spiritually for two weeks in the Adirondack wilderness. “The framework for the wilderness program is supposed to parallel the faith journey: campers are unaware of events that will happen next and must learn to trust their leaders, just as we as Christians must learn how to trust God with our lives. As a leader of youth, I’d like to help others understand that concept,” Bailey said.

A native of Millerton, PA, Bailey attended Williamson High School in Tioga, PA, where he played basketball and soccer and served as a summer camp counselor. He has played lacrosse at Houghton College for the past three years. When Bailey graduates in May 2015, he aims to secure a job teaching physical education and he would also like to continue coaching lacrosse. During the winter months, Bailey is an avid snowboarder.