Pat Sheridan


Pat Sheridan


  • Limestone College, Communications Major
  • 2014 & 2015 Division II National Champion
  • 2014 Goaltender of the Year
  • 2014 1st Team All-American
  • 2015 Third Team All-American.
  • McQuaid Jesuit ‘12

It was Patrick Sheridan’s experience playing for Coach Greg Scott during the summer of 2011 that gave him the desire to want to someday coach for FCA: “I had such an amazing time playing for FCA I wanted to spread that love and remain a part of FCA. I’m now coaching with some of the coaches that I had when I played, and I couldn’t pass that up. I love God and lacrosse, and to be able to be around both, is a blessing.”

Currently playing lacrosse at Limestone College, Patrick was a 2014 & 2015 Division II National Champion and 2015 Third Team All-American. In 2014, he was named Goaltender of the Year and made 1st Team All-American.

Patrick, who began coaching FCA in summer 2015, had coached a Sweetlax Lacrosse Team in 2014. With FCA, he enjoys being able to share his faith with young children and coach the sport he loves, as we works with young FCA goaltenders. “FCA is unique because it makes lacrosse fun again. While other clubs and parents focus on just the lacrosse aspect and getting recruited, they seem to forget that this is supposed to be fun! FCA loves to have fun while we learn fundamentals and gain an understanding of the Lord and loving Him everyday. And, FCA loves to win, but they’re more focused on the end goal and making sure the kids love both God and lacrosse.”

Patrick said his parents and a special FCA coach have been his role models: “I appreciate everything my parents have done for me in my 21 years on this earth. Lacrosse-wise, my role model is Greg Scott, my former FCA coach. He taught me so much about the goalie position, and he’s an amazing person on and off the field. I try to coach just like him because he’s by far my favorite coach.”

A Fairport, NY native, Patrick would like you to know this about him: “I’m a golf and football fanatic. If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan I automatically like you.”