Tom MacMillan

Head Coach – Rochester 2021

Tom MacMillan

Tom MacMillan’s interest in FCA began in 2014 when his twelve-year-old son Gunner showed an interest in playing lacrosse with FCA. When MacMillan listened to coach Mike Kelly share a message about what FCA promoted about Jesus, he fell in love with the ministry: “In my 23 years of coaching I had never experienced what FCA was about, and it is something that has been needed for a long time, so I became very interested.” And, MacMillan’s son loved the team and his coach, Greg Scott, who has had a powerful impact on MacMillan and his son.

“I grew up in a non-religious family, and recently I’ve been trying to get closer to God. FCA has been something that has really helped with that. One of my son’s favorite things about FCA is the huddles. I enjoy hearing my son repeat what he learns in the huddles from Coach Scott when we drive home together.” MacMillan believes the message that FCA gives is key to its success: “We play for our Lord, and we play with our all, and we try to get all of our kids to be all in.” And, MacMillan also appreciates the paradigm shift that is emphasized in FCA: “The kids learn that it’s about more than just them – too much in our society is me-oriented. FCA gives the message that it’s about the guy on your right, the guy on your left and playing for Jesus Christ.”

Having helped assist FCA coaches Scott Nitti and Greg Scott the past year. In January 2015, MacMillan begins a new role with FCA as the Northeast College Recruitment Coordinator. He looks forward to helping families find the right place for their kids to play in college: “I’ve had the privilege of watching my daughter really enjoy both her college academic offering and sports – and it’s a reasonable thing for all kids to enjoy if we can find the right place for them.” He plans to use the network of FCA coaches, combined with the high school coaches and the families, to put together the strongest team possible for each FCA players’ best future interest at the college level

MacMillan has been teaching and coaching lacrosse for over twenty-two years. After teaching at Brighton and the Norman Howard School he “came home” to Rush-Henrietta, his alma mater, where he enjoys teaching history and economics, and is also involved in their FCA huddle. Since 2008, he has coached the girls lacrosse at Rush-Henrietta, where he also coaches football and wresting. Prior to 2008, he coached boys lacrosse at Brighton.

In addition to his parents, the most influential people to MacMillan have been his three high school football coaches: “To this day all the lessons they taught me as I grew up playing football in Rush-Henrietta remain very important to me, and I am still in touch with each one of them. Those relationships are what inspired me to want to coach.”

MacMillan and his wife Stephanie, whom he met in high school 24 years ago, have two college-age daughters, Alexis and Elle, and a son Gunner. The family attends Rush United Methodist Church and enjoys life on their 5 acres with their goats, chickens and dogs. When their respective sports schedules allow, they love spending time together playing games and watching movies.