Coaches Code of Conduct

The following outlines the FCA coaching philosophy that FCA expects every adult leader to uphold.

  • Coaches Position – The position of coach is very important to the overall success of FCA’s team goals and objectives, which are spelled out in the FCA Commitment to Team Philosophy and Code of Character and Conduct. The coaching staff must be ready and eager to model the FCA philosophy in front of the team on a daily basis. To positively impact the sports world with biblical-based values and character qualities, it is essential to compete in a way that the sports world understands and accepts while competing to win. However, since we are an FCA Team, we are playing with more than just winning at stake, so there will be certain practices and philosophies which we will accept and some we will not to enhance the message we are striving to share through our teams.
  • During Competition – FCA believes that we, as a team, represent Jesus Christ, who created us with the sports abilities and passions we each have. This calls us to a much higher level of performance and behavior. We are not consumed with wins and losses, but we do play to win. In light of this view, we believe that the coaching staff is responsible for all competitive actions and reactions, whether spoken or not. Our words and actions can make or break our message of Christ-like character and leadership. Therefore, profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. As FCA Team Coaches, we need to be examples in all situations, such as in questioning a call by an official or addressing members of the opposing team or fans. This is not to say questioning a call is not permitted, but we want to maintain the higher level of sportsmanship. We need to be careful of our words and our attitude behind the questioning. We are not always able to choose our circumstances, but we can choose our response to those circumstances. If this is what we are teaching our players, we need to be able to live it out in front of them in the heat of competition. Too be consistent, the coaching staff will be responsible for implementing character and leadership principles and making these principles more understandable during practice and game times.
  • Outside of Competition – In an effort to help our players and leadership team grow during their time with FCA Teams, we ask that coaches make a committed effort to attend all meetings, team functions, practices and games and be available for interaction with players and parents. The players on the team are not only watching the coach during workouts and games, but they also see the coach’s actions away from the competition arena, giving the coach more opportunities to influence them in a positive way. Coaches are role models, so everything we do should model Christ-like character and leadership. If we expect our players to grow in these areas of character and leadership, we need to conduct ourselves with class and professionalism in all we do, and be committed to studying and applying these same principles to our individual lives. As mentioned earlier, the goal of FCA Teams is to positively impact the sports world with Bible-based values and character qualities. To do this, it is imperative that we exceed the expectations of all those with whom we come in contact. We want to be known for our style of play, our message and our actions. We definitely make it our aim to compete on the highest level, while maintaining our character and positive impact in all situations.

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