Parent Code of Conduct

The following policies regarding the conduct of FCA teams’ parents are being established in support of the Player Code of Character and Conduct. We need parental support and participation as we seek to develop quality young men and women through sports. In consideration for your support of this Parent Code of Conduct, you can expect the coaching staff to abide by FCA teams’ coaching policies and team philosophy.

  • Parent Code of Conduct and Support
    • Be supportive and reinforce all elements of the Player Code of Character and Conduct.
    • Please let the coaches instruct and position players and handle the running of the game.
    • Don’t complain about official calls, coaches’ decisions, game circumstances, coaches on opposing teams and playing time.
    • If you have a complaint or problem with anyone on the coaching staff of this team, work it out with that person directly or contact a member of the FCA Leadership Team.
    • If you have concerns regarding the team and how it’s being run, bring the issue to one of the coaches or to the FCA Leadership Team.
  • Inappropriate Conduct. The following behaviors will not be tolerated:
    • Allowing a player to leave the bench to sit with you (except in emergency situations). Be sure to provide him or her with ample fluids and snacks to sustain throughout the game to eliminate the need to leave during competition.
    • Questioning playing time
    • Use of crude, profane or vulgar language
    • Critical, judgmental or negative talk directed toward teammates and opposing team members
    • Outward displays of displeasure with the officials
    • Consumption of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Consequences for the Above Actions
    • Most often, you will be asked by the head coach or someone on the FCA Leadership Team to stop the inappropriate behavior. In some cases, particularly if you have offended an official or disrespected a coach, you will be requested to leave the playing area.
    • If you do not cease from the behavior or refuse to leave the area when asked, your child may be pulled out of a game, temporarily suspended from participating in future games and other team activities or possibly even dismissed from the team. These decisions are at the discretion of the FCA Leadership Team.
    • If you are dismissed from the team for a Parent Code of Conduct violation, you will be responsible for any additional costs and no refunds will be given.

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